The other half of cancer may be inevitable

The incidence rate of cancer is increasing, which is related to the growth of life. About 45% of the cancer in China is caused by a changing lifestyle or a preventable microbial infection factor. By inoculating and changing lifestyle, nearly half of cancers can be avoided.

The other half of cancer may be inevitable, but it can still be detected early through early screening to improve the early cure rate and increase the chance of cure. There are some patients with early cancer after regular treatment, the five-year survival rate has reached more than 90%. For example, breast cancer is a kind of cancer with high cure rate, and the five-year survival rate of patients with advanced cancer after treatment can also reach about 10%. So early screening is very important for the prognosis of cancer, please take care of your body, take care of your health.

Differences between physical examination and early cancer screening in Japan:
General physical examination is a routine examination of heart, liver, kidney function, blood glucose, blood lipid, blood pressure, etc. to master the general situation of the human body, we can find some common chronic diseases early.


Early cancer screening is a series of medical examinations to detect early cancer in asymptomatic healthy people. At the same time of screening early cancer, some functional changes and diseases that increase the incidence of cancer will be examined, and these conditions will be evaluated and intervened, so as to block the occurrence of cancer caused by precancerous lesions or diseases as much as possible.

The reason why physical examination can't replace early cancer screening is that there is no guideline, no quality control and no precision.
Japan's cancer prevention achievements in the past 30 years

Over the past 30 years, Japan's cancer mortality rate has dropped by 27%, and its five-year survival rate is as high as 68%, ranking first in the world;
In the next ten years, the mortality rate of cancer under the age of 75 will drop by another 20%;
In Japan, 80% of cancers are detected at an early stage, and 80% of them can be cured. In China, on the contrary, more than 80% of cancers are in the middle and advanced stages when they are diagnosed and found, and they miss the best opportunity for treatment.
1. Establishment of universal cancer screening system
2. Establishment of standard guidelines for early cancer screening methods
3. Improvement of quality control system of early cancer screening: accuracy management of interrogation and imaging,
4. Precision management of film reading and system
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