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Longkare maintains the dignity of lifefocus on the future health of the public, leading the development of health industry, promoting medical reform, committed to protecting your health rights and interests throughout your life.


Focus on persistent

With the spirit of openness and enterprising, Longkare is constantly exploring in the field of health, expanding the industrial layout and seeking for greater development.



Longkare provides a huge stage and a space for development, the empolyee and customer value will be continue improved with the growth of enterprise value, to realize the value maximization.


Return to the society

As a multinational company, Longkare is always has a grateful heart, a deep sense of social responsibility, and is keen to engage in social welfare undertakings and charity undertakings.





At Longkare, we take great pride in the consistent quality and reliability of our products. That is why we offer only select brands of personal protective equipment, patient care and preventive products.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor, Longkare has provided reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control solutions throughout numerous health crises, including epidemics and pandemics such as Avian Flu, SARS, H1N1, Ebola and COVID-19.

Trusted by healthcare professionals for over 10 years
Longkare is committed to quality, reliability and continuous innovation.




Manufacturing facilities across 3 continents
Medicom has a growing number of factories across North America, Europe and Asia.

A valued resource for infection control expertise
Longkare offers helpful educational and training materials.